For whom is this method suitable?
This method is suitable for everyone that wants gain insight in melodic music theory. The information of this method is suitable for all Western music. You can use this information for improvisation, playing solo's, analysing music and writing music.
This method is also suitable for every level. Both conservatory-students as well as starting players recommend this method.

Look for yourself if this method is something for you: chapter 1 is free.

At this moment, the method is suitable for bass guitar, guitar, double bass, violin, viola, cello, mandolin and ukulele (soprano, concert, tenor, baritone and bass) and banjolele. The method is currently getting adjustments for other instruments.

How does this method work?
All chapters are divided into blocks. These blocks contain information in text and sometimes video and besides that can include exercises and answers and an audio player. After learning chapter 1 you are free to choose which chapter you go through. In the manual you can read extensively about the design of this method. Besides the chapters there's also a forum where ideas and questions can be shared.

What does it cost to register?
An account costs €26,95. These are one-off costs.

Can I give SV Method as a gift to someone?
Yes. To do so, register with your own email address. In this way, the invoice is sent to you. Next, contact us and let us know for who the gift is meant. The account will be transferred at that name and you'll receive a digital SV Method-congratulation card to give.

Is it really an one-off payment?

What do you get with an account at svmethod.com?
With an account, you get access to all text, video, exercises and audio of all chapters of this method. The exercises are regularly updated. Besides that, you get access to the forum, where you can ask questions and share information with all other members plus find extra downloadable audio.

How long is my membership valid for?
Your registration is valid forever and is related to your email address.

How can I pay?
After filling in the registration form you'll receive an email. Via this email you can pay via iDEAL or Paypal. After payment your account will automatically be activated. You can also transfer the money on the bank account that is mentioned in the invoice. Then, the activation will be done manual and it could take some time before you can log in.

Do I have to install something on my computer?
No. You can use this method completely online. This method is build for pc and tablet.

In which languages is this method written?
This method is written in English and Dutch. When there's high demand for, this method will be translated to other languages.

How can I log in?
After registration you can log in by clicking on the login button. After filling in your email address you get a message in your email inbox. When you click the link in that email you are logged in and you can view all the pages.

Can I follow individual lessons?
Yes, that's possible. Sanne is teaching in Holland and through Skype. For more information, contact Sanne.

Can I obtain the method as a book?
Yes, but this is something we are currently working at. If you want to stay informed about that, contact us.

My question is not listed here, what can I do best now?
Contact us. You will get an answer as soon as possible.